Artificial Intelligence for Content Creation

The Future of AI-Generated Content

The power of Artificial Intelligence is gaining more momentum and its impact on the world is rapidly growing. AI has been used in a variety of ways, from entertainment and healthcare to finance and logistics, and is becoming increasingly prevalent in our daily lives.

One of AI’s most popular uses that continues to make headlines is its ability to generate content, doing an incredible job mimicking humans and delivering very realistic results, indeed this entire article has been created by OpenAI’s ChatGPT and briefly edited by a person.

So could artificial intelligence be the future of content writing and where should we draw the line?

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OG User Names for Instagram

Everything You Need to Know About OG User Names

You might have recently seen stories involving people’s Instagram accounts getting hacked, followed by phones suddenly losing service, and sometimes culminating in threatening messages from sketchy numbers.

Welcome to the world of SIM hijackers and user name marketplaces, where you can trade rare social media accounts –like @rainbow or @power– for Bitcoin from anonymous people on the Internet, and never know for certain if they were procured legally or if you will get scammed.

This post focuses on OG (which stands for “original”) user names for popular and rapidly-growing social media platforms and what you need to know before trying to buy one.

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Available Domain Search

4 Free Online Tools to Find Available Domain Names

You came up with a great business idea, thought of a few catchy business names, went to buy the domain, and boom… it’s taken. Sounds familiar?

Finding the perfect domain name for your startup can be a tedious task. Most of the good brand names have been already registered and there are hundreds of top-level domains to choose from. So where do you begin when you are trying to bring your new business idea to life?

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Brands Shorter Names

4 Lessons From Brands Shortening Their Names

We covered the importance and benefits of using short names when launching a new brand – a practice that is followed by some of the world’s most successful companies. But why do some well-established brands decide to change their names?

The trend of shortening a name is a common strategy for large brands that have been around for a while and have since changed what they offer one way or another.

This post will focus on the benefits and consequences of changing your brand’s name based on the lessons learned from successful world-class companies.

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Build Brands Expired Domains

How to Build a Brand Using Expired Domains

Building a brand is no easy feat.

It all starts with a great idea… followed by choosing the perfect name, designing a logo, building a website, creating a social media presence, driving sales, etc.

But what if you get stuck along the way? Or if you can’t find a good name? Or if the domain is registered? Or if the social media profiles have been taken? How do you carry on?

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Tois Blog Website Redesign

9 Tips for a Successful Corporate Website Redesign

In 2018, I served as Digital Marketing Manager at Feedvisor, a tech startup disrupting the Amazon marketplace.

The most challenging and rewarding project was to spearhead the corporate website redesign – a fundamental part of the company’s much needed rebranding.

This intense process taught me many things but here are the top 9 tips that would come in handy to anyone embarking on a similar endeavor.

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Tois Sell Premium Domains

5 Things I Learned Making $1,000 Selling Premium Domains

2018 is the year I managed to sell my first premium domain.

Not only was I able to sell a few domain names —a feat I believed to be almost impossible— but I also managed to snag $1,000 in a single transaction.

GoDaddy defines premium domains as short, memorable, easy-to-spell names that end in a popular extension like .com which tend to cost a lot more than normal domains.

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