Digital Performance Marketing Playbook for B2B Companies

The B2B Digital Performance Marketing Playbook

When I first started handling paid campaigns, my boss, Claudia, made things simple: “Keep within budget and get some good leads.” Easy enough, I thought. But that was before getting immersed in the labyrinth of digital channels confronting today’s B2B marketers.

Programmatic advertising, social media funnels, lead-based bids—the demand generation learning curve was steep. However, with a disciplined approach and testing mindset, I’ve found traction.

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How to Build a Lead Scoring Engine in Marketo and Salesforce

How to Build a Lead Scoring Engine

When Julissa first proposed revamping our lead scoring model, I’ll admit I was skeptical. Our current process of assigning scores based on a few generic criteria and then manually reviewing each lead had, in my view, served us well enough. But Julissa, our intrepid Marketing Operations Manager, insisted we needed to get more scientific.

“We’re leaving money on the table with our outdated lead scoring methods,” she declared during one fateful team meeting. “Hand-scoring leads is inefficient. We risk misjudging the quality of our leads without a systematic approach.”

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Demand Generation at High-Growth Tech Startups

Mastering Demand Generation in High-Growth Tech Companies

Demand generation is crucial for driving growth and revenue at high-growth tech companies. As competition intensifies and new innovations disrupt the marketplace, a stellar demand generation leader is key to propelling customer acquisition and brand awareness.

Mastering demand generation in the dynamic tech sector requires a strategic mindset, analytical prowess, creative thinking, and technological savvy. In this post we will discuss the hard and soft skills that any demand gen leader would need to succeed.

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Demand Generation Marketing Strategies

Demand Generation Strategies to Attract More Marketing Qualified Leads

Every tech startup knows the importance of generating marketing qualified leads (MQLs) to build a healthy sales pipeline. Yet excelling at demand generation takes more than just churning out content and waiting for people to flock to your website – you need the right strategies and data to optimize your efforts and ensure success.

In this post, we’ll explore proven demand generation tactics that can help boost your results. We will also discuss how to track the metrics that matter and continuously improve your campaigns. By focusing on optimization, you can generate more high-quality leads while spending less.

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